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The luminous Quiberon bay stretches endlessly in front of the meadows and dunes that run alongside the beach at the end of Bégo cove.  A nearby watermill which relied on the tide to make it turn - a tide that was no doubt dangerous as "Saint Barbe" chapels are nearly always built in dangerous places.  It is precisely for this reason that Saint Barbara is there, to protect against danger : the danger of the hills in Le Faouët, the danger of the fleets in Plouharnel.  It was obviously not as peaceful then as it is now, as a primitive chapel was founded following a crusade which was replaced by this one during the 16th century.  Its facade, listed in 1925, shows signs of the Rennaissance period : small protuding arrows, polygonal turret, adorned steeple, basket handle arches.



It was here that the main event in the Revolution in Brittany took place : the landing of the "emigrés" otherwise knows as the "Battle of Quiberon" between the "Chouans" and the Republicans.  The battle took place on the Quiberon peninsula during the summer of 1795.

(Source Michel de Galzain : Les chapelles de nos Saints)


Pardon the 1st Sunday in September.

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Open all year from 10am to 6pm.

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