The bay of Quiberon and its islands

Heading to the south of the Morbihan !

Belle Ile en mer, Quiberon, Saint Pierre Quiberon, Plouharnel, Carnac and La Trinité sur Mer form the golden triangle of the “Quiberon bay and its islands…”  A huge panorama of sky and sea which opens a window onto watersports, nature and heritage.  The sun and oceanic climate are an invitation to relax and escape.  Fishing harbours, oyster farms, the wild coast, sand dunes and the diversity of landscapes will awaken an intense emotion in you. 

Listed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Quiberon bay is in the heart of Brittany’s megalithic sanctuary.  Fix a date for a unique expedition to discover man and nature!


Baie de Quiberon et ses îles - Quiberon bay and its islands - South Brittany

Belle-Ile-en -Mer

Belle-Ile-en-Mer Morbihan South Brittany

Located  8 miles (15 km) off the coast of Quiberon, it is the largest island in Brittany. During the crossing, you can see in the distance the outline of a faraway shadow on the horizon, then gradually, the Pointe des Poulains becomes visible followed by the imposing Citadel at Le Palais harbour.


Must-sees : Sauzon harbour, les aiguilles de Port Coton (rocks), le phare de l'île (lighthouse)

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Quiberon Baie de Quiberon et ses Iles Quiberon bay and its islands Morbihan South Brittany

A peninsula jutting out 14 km into the sea, the town offers visitors fresh sea air, plenty of sun, the hustle and bustle of its ports, a wild coast on the ocean side and a sheltered coast on the bay side where you will find numerous beaches.

Must-sees : the large south-facing beach, the Quai des saveurs (a mecca for gourmet foodies), a lively town centre, the casino and the thalassotherapy centre.


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Saint-Pierre Quiberon

Saint-Pierre Quiberon Morbihan South Brittany

At the entrance to the peninsula, this village boasts a number of natural attractions.  Overlooking the Atlantic, the wild coast offers a spectacular, everchanging show.  On the bay side, the Orange harbour  is more intimist, nestled in a cove in the bay.


Discover Fort Penthièvre, the numerous hiking paths, the fishing villages such as Portivy...


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Carnac Morbihan South Brittany

Renowned worldwide for its alignments of standing stones, Carnac is also a popular coastal resort!  With its 5 sandy beaches, clear blue sea and renowned thalassotherapy centre, Carnac is a definite must when visiting southern Morbihan.


Discover Saint Colomban village, Churchill point and St Michel tumulus.


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La Trinité-sur-Mer

La Trinité-sur-Mer Morbihan South Brittany

At the bottom of the bay of Quiberon, sheltered from the strong winds, the harbour at La Trinité sur Mer combines the charm of a world famous marina and the tranquillity of a family coastal resort.


Discover Pointe de Kerbihan, Kerisper bridge, Old part of La Trinité-sur-Mer and Men Du beach.


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Erdeven Morbihan South Brittany

Visit this typical small town ! Wander in the alignments of Kerzerho and in the Keraveon's park. 

Hike or ride in Erdeven and have fun on the beach : Surf, kite-surf, sand-yacht...Choose whatever you like !


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