Compagnie du Golfe

Compagnie du Golfe-Golfe du MorbihanCompagnie du Golfe-Golfe du Morbihan 1Compagnie du Golfe-Golfe du Morbihan 2Compagnie du Golfe-Plage de Donnant-Belle-Ile-en-Mer-MorbihanCompagnie du Golfe-Pointe des Poulains-Belle-Ile-en-Mer-Morbihan
Gare maritime Parc du Golfe
56000  VANNES

Phone: 02 97 67 10 00

Discover the charms of a trip around the Mobihan Gulf, Ile d'Arz and Ile aux Moines departing from Vannes and Port-Navalo.  Departures to Belle-Ile en Mer also from Vannes and Port Navalo.

Ticket office at the Plouharnel Tourist Information Centre.

Open time:

From April to September

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Tourism Office of Plouharnel

Avenue de l'Océan, 56340 Plouharnel
02 97 52 32 93 | Fax 02 97 52 49 87
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