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Plouharnel, Baie de Quiberon, Morbihan, Bretagne Sud

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Water, an inexhaustible source of wellness


Lulled by the clear sea water in the bay of Quiberon to the south and invigorated by the Atlantic on the west, Plouharnel is the perfect place to forget your worries and let your emotion carry you naturally.  Escaping to the nearby islands of Belle-Ile-en-Mer,Houat and Hoëdic is a call from the open sea and an irresistible desire to ride the wave.  The wave which brings fantastic sensations to surfers from all over the world  who are fans of the Sainte Barbe and Crevettes surfing spots!  The exhilarating waltz of the land yachts skim the seafoam and enchant the dunes.


Land, a harmony of sand and granite  


Our beaches’ golden reflection of quartz and mica tell us the genesis of granite, an hourglass of our geologic times.  The Gâvres-Quiberon dunes are the finest example : a 25 km-stretch of untouched dunes, living proof of the long, slow mineralogical evolution of the largest natural environment in Brittany. The enigmatic history dating back several thousand years is rooted forever in the menhirs and dolmens, the first Neolithic traces of humanity’s architecture.


Fire, a blast of passion


It is everywhere; in the warmth of the people here, in their generous hearts, in the vibrations of the choir at the Benedictine abbey of Kernohan.  It is the force of those who communicate with the spirit of nature and those who reap each day the nutritive fruits of our land and sea.  If you aspire to shed light on the mystery of the stars and skies, then Plouharnel will make a Celt of you!


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